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    Basement Full of Books

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Basement Full of Books was created by Vonda McIntyre and is maintained by Jeffry Dwight on SFF Net as a public service. There is no charge to authors or readers for a listing in BFoB.

All transactions are between the readers and the authors. Vonda McIntyre, Jeffry Dwight, and SFF Net have nothing to do with ordering books, filling orders, processing payment, etc. We simply list the information provided by the authors about their works. Please contact the authors directly!

Readers interested in the books on the list may write (or in many cases send e-mail) to the individual authors for more information. Most authors will only reply to street mail if you include a stamped return envelope (SASE) or International Reply Coupon.

When you order a book, please be clear about any special requests: inscription to someone other than yourself; signature only; if you're a book collector and "mint condition" is important to you, etc.

Last Update: Monday, December 10, 2012 9:36:42 PM

Keyword Search | Guidelines | Submission Form

This list, and all editions of BFoB, copyright © SFF Net. All rights reserved.

Note: As of June 1998, BFoB will no longer accept listings for anything other than fiction and poetry. Existing listings will not be affected by this change.


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