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I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille! Genre and speculative fiction touch on all aspects of modern life and culture, and SFF Net provides a vibrant space for discussion of the latest trends in music, art, and all forms of popular media. SFF Net's unique blended community of working pros and fans makes for intriguing and insightful conversations on every conceivable topic.

In addition, SFF Net has the very people who are actively working in fandom; the ones promoting regional, national, and international conventions, scheduling speakers and guests of honor, hosting parties and con suites, and managing the hundreds of details required for a successful event.

So, whether you're a fan hoping to meet others with similar interests, or actively involved in planning and hosting events, SFF Net is perfect for you.

Meet and Greet

SFF Net is home to hundreds of working authors, editors, and publishers, media professionals, as well as convention organizers and fans. Whatever your interests or organizational needs, you'll find someone here who's a perfect fit.

Newsgroups for Fandom

In addition to the People newsgroups, SFF Net has a large number of newsgroups dedicated to discussing all aspects of life and fandom. Below is a sample of some of the more popular ones. If you don't find a group talking about what you're interested in, start one!

Conventions, Fan Organizations, and Events

SFF Net is the online home and/or gateway to many fan and convention organizations. We've listed some you should be familiar with. If you're involved in hosting an event, why not start a newsgroup to promote it and swap ideas with other planners? Or, if you're going to be attending one of these cons, these are perfect places to learn about schedules, panel lineups, and to locate roommates and parties.

Other resources

SFF Net has one of the most extensive collection of links to genre-related sites and resources you'll find anywhere on the 'net. Feel free to add your event to the index, or recommend any great sites that you've found!


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