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    "Who Does What?" or "How The Heck Does This Place Work?"

At the forefront, SFF Net is an online community of writers, readers, fans, editors, publishers, and a baker's dozen of other types of folks. But just as with a physical community, there are workers behind the scenes who keep everything going...workers who clear off the trash, run the street-sweeper in the middle of the night, mow the commons, check the chlorine level in the public pool, and answer the phone at city hall when you call to complain about all those workers.

SFF Net is wholly owned and operated by Greyware Automation Products, Inc., a software firm in Dallas, Texas.

Are you interested in the history of how SFF Net came to be? Read this interview with founder and CEO, Jeffry Dwight.

Steve Ratzlaff handles Greyware's (and SFF Net's) marketing, web site design, promotions, art department, and press relations. Since Steve also has a strong technical background, he helps out with tech support at SFF Net by answering member questions and maintaining the systems. Steve's job description requires him to work miracles, but no more than three a day, and we give time off every other month. Steve works for Greyware full time. Title, "Marketing & Systems Manager."

Jeffry Dwight spends most of his time trying to convince others to do his work. When unsuccessful at this, he does various odd jobs around the place and gripes. Those odd jobs include owning and operating Greyware Automation Products, and anything that happens at SFF Net that isn't mentioned above, including writing this page. Title, "President and CEO."

A group of fine folks known as the Steering Committee have donated their time and energy over the years to help make SFF Net successful. The Steering Committee helps monitor the newsgroups, review policies, and plan SFF Net's growth and direction. They provide general advice in every area of operation, and make sure SFF Net's management stays focused on the needs of SFF Net's members. Individuals on the Steering Committee are not paid for their time.

SFF Net has also been blessed with a half-dozen walk-on-water types known as Volunteers. These wonderful people have asked not to be named here, but provide all sorts of help -- everything from arranging parties to answering overflow tech support email. I have personally checked with Ghu and made sure each of our volunteers is assured a first-class cloud, complete with harp and chorus of angels. It's nowhere near payment enough.


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