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Skiffy, the SFF Net Wizard Basic Membership
Price: $11.95/month, $35.85/quarter, or $119.50/year

  1. Personal web page
  2. 100 MB storage limit
  3. No preset hit surcharges, transfer fees, or excess traffic fees
  4. ASP, Perl, PHP scripting, plus standard CGI
  5. Personal newsgroup where you can chat with friends, fans, and visitors
  6. Private newsgroup access
  7. Search and read newsgroup archives
  8. Your own POP3 email box (you@sff.net)
  9. 2000 letters allowed before mailbox is "full"
  10. Email access via Web or POP3
  11. Email spam filtering
  12. Email box forwarding, with or without retaining a copy
  13. Email auto-reply and vacation message functions
  14. Free tech support

The Basic membership plan is the most commonly-selected plan. It gives you access to the private areas of SFF Net, and also provides email, a web page, and a personal newsgroup.


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