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Teresa Nielsen Hayden


Teresa Nielsen Hayden Teresa Nielsen Hayden is a consulting editor for Tor Books. Authors she has edited at Tor include Poul Anderson, Steven Brust, Avram Davidson, John M. Ford, Shariann Lewitt, Jane Lindskold, James D Macdonald & Debra Doyle, James White, and Robert Charles Wilson. At various points in her career she has also edited comic books, literary criticism, and utopian literature. Her essay collection Making Book (NESFA Press, 1994) was a finalist for the Hugo Award; for other writing and publishing, she has been a Hugo finalist four other times. In 2003, she and her husband Patrick Nielsen Hayden were awarded the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award (the "Skylark") for service to the field. In 2006, Robert Charles Wilson's Spin, which she edited, won the Hugo Award for best novel of the year.

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