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Viable Paradise: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop

A Typical Week at Viable Paradise


Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 -
  One-on-One A One-on-One A One-on-One A Group Critique Writing Exercises
10:00 -
  Group Critique Group Critique Group Critique Writing Exercises Lecture: PNH State of the Industry
(through 11:30)
Colloquium (11:30 - 12:30)
11:00 -
  Lecture: JDM
Plotting by Example
Lecture: TNH
Exposition: How We Can Tell What You're Doing
Lecture: LJM
Care & Feeding of Your Beast
Lecture: DD
12:30 -
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00 -
  One-on-One B One-on-One B One-on-One B Lecture: SG
The Writer's Life
3:00 -
  Colloquium Colloquium Free Time Colloquium Tearful Farewells
4:30 -
Meet and Greet One-on-One C One-on-One C
6:00 -
Dinner and Socializing Dinner/ Socializing/ Individual Sessions (by arrangement) Beer with Billy (Shakespeare) Dinner/ Socializing/ Individual Sessions (by arrangement) Dinner/ Socializing/ Individual Sessions (by arrangement)
TABLE KEY: PNH = Patrick Nielsen Hayden; TNH = Teresa Nielsen Hayden; JDM = James D. Macdonald; DD = Debra Doyle; LJM = Laura J. Mixon; and SG = Steven Gould.

  • "Colloquium" is a semi-formal, all hands free-for-all discussion in a common room. Writing exercises will be offered.
  • "Writing exercises" will be the demonstration, presentation, and review of completed exercises.
  • All of the instructors are available for additional discussion, by arrangement, at pretty much any time(s) that are mutually convenient.
  • Customary communal dinners are offered Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday; Wednesday lunch is offered in lieu of dinner. On Tuesday, a hat is passed for "Beer with Billy." If you have special dietary needs, you may be required to make other arrangements.
  • You're on your own for breakfast and lunch.



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