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25 May 2003
Published Works


Book 1 of the Sholan Alliance series
First Published December 1993
ISBN 0886775752

When a human-colonized world falls under the sway of aliens who have already enslaved many another race, there is scant hope of salvation from far-distant Earth. Instead, their hopes rest upon an underground rebellion and the intervention of a team of cat-like aliens, one of whom links with a young woman gifted with unique mind powers.

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Fortune's Wheel FORTUNE'S WHEEL
Book 2 of the Sholan Alliance series
First Published August 1995
ISBN 0886776759

Carrie was the daughter of the human governor of the colony planet Keiss. Kusac was the son and heir of the Sholan Clan Lord. Both were telepaths and the bond they formed was compounded equally of love and mindpower. But now they were about to be thrust into the heart of an interstellar conflict, as factions on both their worlds sought to use the duo's powers for their own ends . . . .

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Book 3 of the Sholan Alliance series
First Published November 1996
ISBN 0886777186

A new race is about to be born on the Sholan homeworld, and it may cause the current unstable political climate to explode. Only through exploring the Sholan's long-buried and purposely forgotten past can Carrie and Kusac hope to find the path to survival, not only for their own people, but for Sholans and humans as well.

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Razor's Edge RAZOR'S EDGE
Book 4 of the Sholan Alliance series
First Published December 1997
ISBN 0886777666

They had survived the Margins, but could they keep their promise to rescue those held captive on a distant, violence-filled world?
The price of breaking with tradition comes high, as does the ongoing protection offered by the military. And now, Carrie, Kusac, Kaid, and T'Chebbi must undertake a rescue mission to the distant world of Jalna to save present-day Sholans and humans who have been trapped there, as well as a Sholan pair from the age of the Cataclysm. What they can't foresee is that the Valtegans planted the seeds of destruction on Jalna long ago, transforming the locals into a dangerously unstable race and threatening the telepathic powers of Sholans and Humans alike.

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Book 5 of the Sholan Alliance series
First Published March 1999
ISBN 0886778298

CAPTURED! The world of Jalna had revealed many secrets to the Sholan-Humnan teams sent there on a rescue mission. They had discovered one of the methods Valtegans had used to control other races, had learned how deceitful oene of their own allies had been, and were about to begin negotiations for an alliance with several newly met races.
Yet the planetary conflicts had led to the injured Carrie and Kusac being placed in cryo on a non-Sholan vessel, with Kaid desperately trying to rush them back to Sholan medical facilities. But before they could reach their rendezvous point, the ship they were on was caught in a Valtegan trap, leaving Kaid barely enough time to send Carrie and Kusac's life-pods into space in the hope that they'd be found by friendly forces. Kaid was certain he and his people were doomed until a massive vessel suddenly materialized, scooping up both Kaid's ship and the Valtegan foe. Now all of them were prisoners of a completely unknown people. And only time would tell whether they'd fallen into the clutches of an even more deadly enemy than the Valtegans....

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Book 6 of the Sholan Alliance series
First Published June 2000
ISBN 0886778980

The Primes are the upper class of the original Valtegan home world, pacifistic intellectuals who are unable to defend themselves from either their own warrior class - the Valtegans who have been making war on the entire galaxy - or any other species. To protect themselves the Primes have made secret alliances wih other races while concealing their own true identities and the location of their home world.

Now, after an ill-advised, accidental kidnapping of the vessel carrying Kusac, Carrie and Kaid, the Primes have been forced to reveal themselves to the members of the Sholan Alliance. But in the midst of delicate diplomatic negotiations to create a new pact between the Sholan Alliance and the Primes, power struggles on both Shola and the Prime world threaten to jeopardize the treaty.

Still recovering from being tortured by a rogue Prime group, Kusac is about to set out on a secret mission of his own, a mission which could see him branded as a traitor to his own kind. And what he discovers could well lead to the overthrow of the Prime leadership and to the destruction of the delicate balance that is the only thing staving off interstellar war . . . .

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Between Darkness and Light BETWEEN DARKNESS AND LIGHT
Book 7 of the Sholan Alliance series
First Published January 2003
ISBN 0756400155

In the midst of unrest on his home world of Shola, Kusac has chosen to undertake a secret mission of which only those in the highest echelons of the Brotherhood are aware. And even they are not privy to all the information Kusac has uncovered, nor all the plans he has made.

Carrie and Kaid have not been told the truth. So when Kusac flees Shola, seemingly abandoning his responsibilities, his Triad, and his clan, Carrie is devastated and Kaid is furious. Yet Carrie will not give up on Kusac. certain he will one day return to explain his actions.

But whether Kusac and his elite team can actually accomplish their mission and escape with their lives remains to be seen. For to achieve their goal they must rendezvous with the Valtegan general who is Kusac's archenemy in the hopes of rescuing Kusac's young son. But even if he succeeds -- branded rebel by his own people, struggling to deal with new powers he scarcely understands, and caught between the machinations of his own god and those of a secret and ancient alien organization - can Kusac hope to regain all that he has lost on Shola?

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Book 8 in the series is 'under construction' as they say. The title will be SHADES OF GRAY. All our favourite characters will be in it plus one or two new ones.

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