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Do you enjoy stories with a happy ending or tales where justice prevails? Are you looking for wholesome books where the focus is on the romance and books you don't have to hide from your children? If so, you've come to the right place. The twelve books you'll find on this web page have all been classified as clean reads. Although I wrote them for adults, I've been delighted by the number of readers who've told me that they've shared them with their teenage (and even their pre-teen) daughters. I hope you'll find a new book or two to sample.

I’ve tried to make it easy for you to find the stories that you’ll like the most by giving you separate pages for historical romances and contemporaries as well as easy links for ordering.  There’s also a detail page for each of the books, so you can learn more about them and read the reviews. And, for those of you who want to know which books are in which series, I've included that information below.

Happy reading!

The Series

I'm a big fan of books in a series, and judging from reader reactions, so are you. That's why I'm happy to tell you about three different series, spanning timeframes from the early twentieth century through World War One and on to modern times. Eleven of the twelve books you'll find on this page are parts of a series. And the one "stand alone" book has ties to the Unwanted Legacies series.

The good news is that these books either already are or will soon be available in Kindle and lower cost paperback editions. Although I personally liked the original high quality hardback versions, I know they were too expensive for many readers' personal libraries, and so I'm delighted by this change of direction.

The Unwanted Legacies (all contemporary romances)
        Strings Attached
        Imperfect Together
        Bluebonnet Spring
        Moonlight Masquerade (not quite an Unwanted Legacy, but tied to the others)

The Hidden Falls Series
        Painted Ponies The First Hidden Falls Book (an historical)
        The Brass Ring The Second Hidden Falls Book (an historical)
        Dream Weaver The Third Hidden Falls Book (a contemporary romance)
        Stargazer The Fourth Hidden Falls Book (a contemporary romance)
        The Golden Thread The Fifth Hidden Falls Book (an historical)

The War Brides (all historicals)
        Dancing in the Rain
        Whistling in the Dark
        Laughing at the Thunder


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