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Information about my epic fantasy novels, including maps, glossaries, FAQs, release dates, and cover art, as well as dates and locations of readings, book signings, and convention appearances.

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May 22-25
Ruby's Inn
Missoula, Montana

World Science Fiction Convention
August 19-23
Spokane Convention Center
Spokane WA


my books

The Sanctuary Duet
Dust and Light
Ash and Silver Dec 2015

Novels of the Collegia Magica
Novels of the Collegia Magica
The Spirit Lens
The Soul Mirror
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award
The Daemon Prism

Flesh and Spirit
The Lighthouse Duet
Flesh And Spirit
Breath and Bone
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award
    Winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award

Books of the Rai-kirah
Books of the Rai-kirah
    Winner of the Geffen Award

Bridge of D'Arnath
The Bridge of D'Arnath:
Son of Avonar
Guardians of the Keep
The Soul Weaver
Daughter of Ancients
    Winner of the 2006 Prism Award

Song of the Beast
Song of the Beast
A standalone fantasy.
    Winner of the Colorado Book Award

book news

Dust and Light Cover Art! I'm so delighted by the cover art for Ash and Silver, I just can't express it. Gene Mollica did a smashing job with my description. Seems like I said something about badass...

Yes, this is Lucian. (Here's a larger view.) Ash and Silver will be released in December 2015.

'Tis the season More convention season, that is. I'm off this week to Norwescon, one of my favorite conventions. The northwest has a huge spec-fic writing community as well as a great population of fantasy/science fiction readers. And the program committee is excellent. It makes for a great gathering. I'm doing panels on dialogue, intricate worldbuilding, creating a mythos, character relationships, andwriting vivid scenes. Doing two readings and lots of talking with readers and writer friends.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I'm off to Missoula, Montana for a unique and entertaining smaller sf convention called MisCon. Jousting on the lawn, gaming next door, an all hands barbecue. We take over the entire Ruby's Inn hotel and have a weekend long celebration of fantasy and science fiction in a beautiful little city in the northland.

Dust and Light Coming soon! The Blackguards anthology from Ragnarok Publications should be coming out in the next month or so. This was my first participation in a Kickstarter campaign, and the Ragnarok folks certainly know how to run one. They hit every stretch goal. My story Seeds will appear in Blackguards. It tells of a meeting between a twenty-year-old runaway sorcerer who has been serving in King Eodward's legion (sound familiar, anyone?) who has an unfortunate run-in with a certain lawman who is trying to get a job as the Coroner of the Twelve Districts of Palinur. Here's the opening snip:

If any hierarch, priestess, monk, or practor were to ask me where I choose to worship my gods, I would have to say a friendly sop-house. I take no preference among the Elder Gods, the Karish upstart Iero, or anyone else’s divinity, offering libations, prayers, and oaths equally to them all as the occasion demands. But in all this wretched world there’s naught to compare with a fine bath, a barrel of mead, and a merry melee of pipes, dancing, and new friends to put me in mind of the sacred.
I hope it's as fun to read as it is to write. If you didn't back the Kickstarter, you should be able to pick up the anthology from Ragnarok.

Do you like teasers? Visit the new Sanctuary Duet page. Meanwhile, if you haven't read Dust and Light as yet, you can check out the opening chapter. Or read the starred review form Publishers Weekly. You can find the book at independent bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells, or other online booksellers.

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Dust and Light (Roc) cover art by Gene Mollica
The Spirit Lens (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
The Soul Mirror (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
The Spirit Lens (Roc) cover art by Gordon Crabb
Restoration (Roc) cover art by Matt Stawicki
Son of Avonar (Roc) cover art by Matt Stawicki
Breath and Bone (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo
Flesh and Spirit (Roc) cover art by Luis Royo

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