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I started this web page years ago, and then never really did anything with that. I want to change that, but I'm faced with the same problem as most people: I've got web space but what do I do with it?

You can go to Reality Break home page for information about my talk show. It has ceased production now, but it lasted for 6 years, and had over 200 writers as guests. I've considered making the archives of the show available either as RealAudio or MP3 files, but have never done it. I'm also now converting this body of work to an eBook series. I did some good work and talked to a lot of great people, and I'd like folks to continue to experience it in one form or another.

Where Should I go from here?

In the past, I've had the usual solipsistic stuff - lists of what I'm reading and listening to, shows I've attended, etc. It seemed like a neat idea for a while, but it got old quick. Updating it was a pain, and frankly other than myself and very few of those close to me - who really gives a rat's ass what I read or listen to? I continue to search for a meaningful thing to do with this web space. In the near future, I'll present some of the stuff I've done in Java while I was in grad school at The University of Southwestern Lousiana. I continue to work on data-mining systems for the Internet in my free time, and as those get in publically presentable shape I'll put them here as well.

As of July 2002, I now have a weblog. This kind of brings it full circle, back to lists of what I read and listen to, but with a lower effort required to keep it current. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

My resume is available in XMLResume format. By using their transform, the source XML is easily transformed into text, HTML, or even PDF. I intend to leave it up for life, whether or not I'm looking at that time. I'll update it once or twice a year forever.


As an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, I was very involved with the campus radio station, WREK 91.1 FM. I'm back doing some things for them now, including an airshift (that I no longer do but I'm leaving the page up.) That page has some of my play lists from when I was doing the shift - jazz, baby! WREK is a very good and very different station, so follow the links and learn more about it. I rebuilt their automation system, revamped their database and did the CGI scripts that show you (limited) playlists, recent additions to programming and the music database search.

I now have online a project that I did in some AI courses in grad school. It is a digit recognition neural network and if I say so myself, I think it is pretty cool. It was one of the first things I did in Java, so it isn't as elegant in design and execution as it could have been, but it does the trick.

Slowly getting Wired

Now that I work for wired companies, I thought I should try to bring myself up to the late 80's in Internet savvy. So, you can contact me via ICQ, where my number is #19215022. I also have a web status panel that one can use to contact me.

I'm doing some cryptography work too, and thought it would be cool to start using PGP. You can finger me to get my public key, or get it off the web.

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