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Author of Fantasy Novels and the Occasional Short Story

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A Plunder of Souls, by D.B. Jackson, volume III of the Thieftaker Chronicles (Jacket art by Chris McGrath)Thieftaker, by D.B. Jackson, volume I of the Thieftaker Chronicles (Jacket art by Chris McGrath)Thieves' Quarry, by D.B. Jackson, volume II of the Thieftaker Chronicles (Jacket art by Chris McGrath)David B. Coe is the award-winning author of fifteen novels and many short stories. Most recently, writing as D.B. Jackson, he has published the Thieftaker Chronicles, a set of historical urban fantasies set in pre-RevolutionaryBoston. Combining history, urban fantasy, and mystery, the Thieftaker novels, Thieftaker (Tor Books, 2012), Thieves' Quarry (Tor Books, 2013), and A Plunder of Souls (Tor Books, July 2014) have allowed David to combine his love of history with his passion for fantasy literature. A fourth volume, Dead Man's Reach, will be published in 2015.

Children of Amarid (Book I of LonTobyn Chronicle, Jacket art by Romas Kukalis)Eagle-Sage (Book III of LonTobyn Chronicle, Jacket art by Romas Kukalis)The Outlanders (Book II of LonTobyn Chronicle, Jacket art by Romas Kukalis)Writing under his own name, David is the author of eleven epic fantasy novels. His first book, Children of Amarid, volume one of The LonTobyn Chronicle, was released by Tor Books in 1997. It was followed by The Outlanders (1998) and Eagle-Sage (2000). In 1999, The LonTobyn Chronicle was awarded the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA). The Crawford award is given annually to the best book or series by a new fantasy author. Volumes of The LonTobyn Chronicle have been translated into Dutch, German, Russian, and Czechoslovakian.

Weavers of War, book V of Winds of the Forelands (Jacket Art by Romas Kukalis)Shapers of Darkness, book IV of Winds of the Forelands (Jacket Art by Romas Kukalis)Rules of Ascension, book I of Winds of the Forelands (Jacket Art by Gary Ruddell)Seeds of Betrayal, book II of Winds of the Forelands (Jacket Art by Gary Ruddell)Bonds of Vengeance, book III of Winds of the Forelands (Jacket Art by Romas Kukalis)David's second series, the critically acclaimed Winds of the Forelands, consists of five volumes, Rules of Ascension, Seeds of Betrayal, Bonds of Vengeance, Shapers of Darkness, and Weavers of War, which were released by Tor in 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2007 respectively (Bonds and Shapers both came out in '05). All five books are available in paperback and also in audio format. They can be purchased from Amazon.Com. Volumes of Winds of the Forelands have been translated into Russian, French, Bulgarian, and Spanish.

The Sorcerers' Plague (Book I of Blood of the Southlands, jacket art by Romas Kukalis)The Horsemen's Gambit (Book II of Blood of the Southlands, jacket art by Romas Kukalis)The Dark-Eyes' War (Book III of Blood of the Southlands, jacket art by Romas Kukalis)David followed the Winds of the Forelands series with a related trilogy, Blood of the Southlands. The first volume of Blood of the Southlands, The Sorcerers' Plague, was released by Tor Books in December 2007 and reissued in paperback in February 2009. The second volume, The Horsemen's Gambit, was published by Tor Books in February 2009, and appeared in paperback a year later. And the third volume, The Dark-Eyes' War, was originally published in February 2010, and appeared in paperback in 2011.

His next project, a contemporary urban fantasy series called The Weremyste Cycle, will be published by Baen Books. The first volume, Spell Blind, will be out in January 2015

ROBIN HOOD, by David B. Coe, a novelization of the major motion picture directed by Ridley ScottDavid has also written the novelization for the Ridley Scott production of Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. The movie first appeared in theaters in May 2010 and the book is still out and available for order!

How To Write Magical Words:  A Writer's Companion, Edited by Edmund Schubert, cover photograph by David B. CoeDavid is a founding member and proud contributor to the Magical Words blogsite, which is dedicated to the craft and business of writing. The Magical Words crew has a new book out called How To Write Magical Words: A Writer's Companion. It is now available from BellaRosa Books.

Fans interested in learning more about the history of the Forelands should read David's short story, "Night of Two Moons." This tale, set in the Forelands nearly nine centuries before the events described in Winds of the Forelands, originally appeared in the Summer 2002 issue of Black Gate magazine, and can now be found on this web site.Black Gate Magazine, Summer 2002 (Cover art by Charles Keegan)

And those fans interested in learning more about David from the man himself are welcome to visit his blogs or friend him on Facebook.

Sample chapters from all of David's published novels can now be accessed from a single page on this web site.

You can also read "The Christmas Count," David's first science fiction story, which was originally published at Sci Fiction, the SciFi channel's fiction web site. "The Christmas Count" was the featured original story for the week of July 27, 2005. The story has since been archived at Sci Fiction. And now you can also read "Cassie's Story," which was originally published in July 2008 by Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show.

David is now at work on several new fantasy projects all of which represent departures from his previous work. These include a historical fantasy series, a couple of contemporary fantasies, and a middle reader fantasy. More information about these projects and their publication will be forthcoming.

David grew up in the suburbs just outside of New York City, the youngest of four children. His mother, a school teacher, and his father, a stock broker, instilled in all of their kids a deep love of books, and, as a result, all four of the Coe children grew up to be writers. David's oldest brother, Bill, is a technical writer. His sister, Liz, produces and writes television shows in Hollywood. And his second brother, Jim, is a wildlife artist and bird illustrator who has written and illustrated his own field guides.

David received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and then attended Stanford University as a graduate student in United States history. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on conservation policy during the New Deal, receiving his Ph.D. in 1993. For those who have trouble sleeping, his dissertation, "Realms of Nature, Spheres of Interest: Environmental Policy in the Pacific Northwest, 1932-1952" (Stanford, 1993), is available through University Microfilms, Inc. He briefly considered pursuing a career as an academic, but wisely thought better of it.

No one who has read David's novels will be surprised to learn that he has been a birdwatcher and nature enthusiast for most of his life. He began watching birds at the age of seven, when his two older brothers, Bill and Jim, took him on their outings. At first, they brought David along because he could be convinced to walk into almost any thicket, regardless of whether it contained briars or poison ivy, and flush whatever exotics might be lurking within. Later, they assure him, they continued to bring him along because they began to enjoy his company. David remains suspicious. . . .

In addition to birdwatching, David is also a dedicated amateur nature photographer. In the past year he has had a one-man exhibit, sold work to a local magazine, and displayed his work in a local gallery. He also enjoys butterfly watching (if you haven't tried it, do. Butterflies are incredibly beautiful and, unlike birds, you don't have to wake up at some indecent, predawn hour to see them), listening to music (jazz, rock, folk, bluegrass, classical), playing guitar (rock and folk), playing golf (his handicap can only be calculated using a slide rule), playing and/or watching baseball, and watching movies.

David and his wife have two daughters. They live on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.