Gerald and Angela Blackwell's SFF Gateway

This is us!


I'm Gerald Blackwell (on the right in the picture above), and I'll be your host during your visit to the website. That's my wife Angela on the left.

If this is your first visit, I suppose I should begin with an introdution.

We're both writers, artists, and a fairly regular sight on the Southeastern science fiction convention scene. If you've attended a con between Roanoke and Atlanta, chances are you've seen us wandering about.

In real life, I am a science writer, Angela is a regulatory consultant, and we own and operate our own medical device consulting company.

Among our interests are reading as well as writing science fiction, and we're long-time gamers (we've been gamers for so long that we've both earned the title of "grognard").

This gateway page will take you to other areas, the links to which will become active as more content is added. You'll meet our other family members (all of whom have either fur or scales), and you'll see some of our forays into costuming, as well as a listing of the conventions at which you're likely to encounter us.

While the other sections of this site are being assembled, you might consider: