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Hanovi Braddock has written science fiction and fantasy, including the following works set in the world of Magic: The Gathering...

A novel, Ashes of the Sun.

"The Brass Man Who Would Sink," a fairy tale in the anthology, Tapestries.

"What Leaf Learned of Goblins," a short story in the anthology, Distant Planes.

"Aboroth Season" and "Tremendous Native Ability," short stories commissioned by Wizards of the Coast. Originally scheduled for magazine publication, one or both of these stories are forthcoming in the first Magic: The Gathering anthology to be published since WotC acquired TSR.

Hanovi has also published two short stories in The Leading Edge:

"G.L.A.F." about the Ganymede League of American Football, October 1992 issue.

"The Witchwet Dunes," high fantasy in the desert, January 1992 issue.

Hanovi is at work on a brand new venture in heroic fantasy, though it will be some time before any of what he's doing sees publication. But when that work is published, we'll announce it here.

You can send Hanovi e-mail at hanovi@sff.net.

Alexandria Digital Literature operates a Web Page that lets you rate fiction you've read. After getting to know your tastes, Alexandria's librarian can compare your tastes to other readers' and recommend reading to you. Eventually, you'll be able to buy and download some of the recommended works. Right now, you can download a limited number of stories at this site. One of them is Hanovi's adventure of space exploration, science funding, and football, "G.L.A.F."

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