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 Harriet Klausner
Harriet was born in the Bronx where she obtained a Masters degree in Library Science. Her thesis topic was: The Impact of Science Fiction Reading by High School Seniors on Standardized Reading Scores. She met her spouse Stan when he read her palm in a Bronx outdoor cafe.
    After being married for seven months, they moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where she worked in the local bookstore and provided some limited book reviewing services. Her only child was born there. Later, they moved to Massachusetts where she worked in a small used bookstore that catered to fans of horror and science fiction. Ultimately they moved to Georgia, where they currently reside. Initially she worked with a library and later found an acquisition job for a bookstore. She then watched her book reviewing career begin to take shape. She takes immense pleasure in informing other readers about newcomers or unknown authors who have written superb novels.

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