A word from the site owners

JJ and Jordan Fletcher, unashamed of their forbidden loveGreetings, humans. My name is J.J. Fletcher, and my heterosexual lifemate Jordan and I are pleased to announce that our chief of staff has finally established her own web domain here at melaniefletcher.com.

Ho-hum -- I suppose I should say something at this juncture about the Redheaded One. Well, when not bathing, grooming, feeding, petting or otherwise entertaining us with our favorite bathroom show, "When Apes Get Wet!" she spends her time cleaning our litter tray, obtaining new and interesting toys and generally ensuring that our lives remain comfortable and full of kibble. Oh, and apparently she writes, as well -- I myself prefer to watch C-Span, but to each his own.

If you're new to the site, I encourage you to browse through our pages, which include everything from Lewis Carroll and Science Fiction to a dazzling array of delightful cat toys (she insists on calling them socks), with the occasional side trip into the humorous, the erotic, and the just plain weird. We're always happy to receive Email, although general meanness and (ahem) catty comments will be met with icy hauteur and a nasty scratch. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I must lick my butt.

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