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To be released in October 2006

Includes the Nebula finalist title story
The Last of the O-Forms and Other Stories is a finalist for the Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award

A short story collection.  Seventeen stories!
Strangers and Beggars was named as a Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association


The, "The Last of the O-Forms," was a finalist for the Nebula Award in 2004.

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ConDuit, Salt Lake City, Utah: May, '07

MileHiCon, Oct., '07.


Colorado Public Radio interviewed me for a broadcast aired April 9, 2003. You can hear the entire talk by going to Colorado Matters, then clicking on the calendar for the week of April 9.

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Frank Wu's illustration for The Yard God in Talebones

Hugo nominee Frank Wu's illustration for "The Yard God." Click on the picture to go to Frank's website.


Realms of Fantasy bought my short story, "The Radio Magician." (5/13/08)

Talebones bought my short story, "Floaters." (1/26/08)

Flash Fiction On Line bought my short-short story, "Just Before Recess." (1/17/08)

Both of my short stories, "How Music Begins," from Asimov's, and "Of Late I've Dreamt of Venus," from Visual Journeys have been picked to appear in Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies. "How Music Begins" will be in David Hartwell's compilation, and "Of Late I've Dreamt of Venus" will be in Gardner Dozois's year's best. (1/08)

Realms of Fantasy bought "The Light of a Thousand Suns." (10/25/07)

The invite-only anthology, Visual Journeys bought "Of Late I've Dreamt of Venus." (3/20/07)  

Asimov's bought "Music Begins With a Good Breath" and Talebones bought "Rock House." (3/06/07)

Summer of the Apocalypse has been added to the Locus recommended reading list for first novels published last year. It also is a finalist for the Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award. (2/1/07)

O Tannenbaum: a Christmas story

My novel, Summer of the Apocalypse, was released from Fairwood Press in Oct. '06. (10/30/06)

"The Inn at Mount Either" has made the Theodore Sturgeon Award for Best Short Story from 2005 finalist list. (4/29/06)

Asimov's bought the short story, "The Small Astral Object Genius." (2/28/06)

Realms of Fantasy published "The Road's End" in their February '06 issue.

Tangent Online reviewed The Last of the O-Forms and Other Stories. Read the review! (10/3/05)

Also, The Denver Post said, "Grand Junction author James Van Pelt has won a reputation as one the field's leading short fiction writers. His second collection is a fine demonstration that the reputation is warranted."
The Denver Post (See the entire review). 

Realms of Fantasy bought "The Road's End" for an upcoming issue. (9/15/05)

"The Ice Cream Man" is in the June, '05 Asimov's. See the review! (4/27/05)

"The Inn at Mount Either" is in the May, '05 Analog. See the review! (3/28/05)

 "The Last of the O-Forms" has been reprinted in The Nebula Awards Showcase: 2005. (3/28/05)

Analog bought "The Inn at Mount Either. (9/24/04)

SDO Fantasy bought "Roller Derby Dan" for their July issue. (6/08/04)

Amazing Stories bought "A Wow Finish" for their October issue. (5/22/04)

All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories bought "Where and When" for their upcoming anthology. (4/9/04)

The Brutarian Quarterly bought, "One Day, in the Middle of the Night." (2/23/04)

"The Last of the O-Forms" from Asimov's has made the final Nebula ballot. The story is available on-line at the Asimov's web site (2/12/04)

Gardner Dozois bought "The Long Way Home," which appeared in Asimov's in September, for The Year's Best Science Fiction anthology. (1/20/04)

Strangers and Beggars is one of the 20 finalists for the Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award. Finalist List. (1/18/04)

Upcoming stories in Asimov's