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Heading to Torcon with stacks of Sleight of Hand #2 under my arm.
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2003: Deeds and misdemeanors (thus far)

2002: Deeds and misdemeanors

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For the past year I've been handling the Official Mike Resnick Home Page and am overseeing its very busy mailing list. The Resnick Listserve is one of the very few mailing lists on the net where the author takes an active part in the discussions. Benefits of membership include: frequent updates on projects Mike's working on, stories and columns sent out by Bwana himself, and lots of active discussion on everything from writing to Africa to writing to fandom to writing. Subscribe at egroups, at or e-mail me to be added manually.

I'm a member of two writers groups. The first is RI_Fantastic which I started with some friends specific to the Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Presently we conduct critiques and SF and Fantasy discussion online, but there may be realtime meetings planned for the future. For information and subscription, go to or e-mail me to be added manually. I am also a member of the Critters Workshop.

Feel free to drop me a line and say hello. I'm a fairly friendly person. I've a load of interests outside of writing as well. Below are a number of links to my off-site pages.

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