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Latest Book The Marriage Scheme

The Marriage Scheme - e-book - Available now!

Yes, I'm finally self-publishing my books that are out of print. The Marriage Scheme is the first of them, and was first in print back in 1994. It's a light, humorous Regency romance about Georgia Canning, an intelligent young lady who is determined to matchmake for her widowed mother. I adore the cover, which was created by Artitudes/Visual Quill's marvelous Kate Race. You can find it at Belgrave House's Regency Reads.

Want an excerpt? Click here.


Blogs, other web locations, and Current news...

I have a new blog, Playing With Words. I've decided to separate my writing-related blog entries from my every-day entries, so there you'll find everything I have and am currently writing about writing, contest judging, publishing, conferences I am attending, conference news, the markets, etc. My favorite conference to go to, other than the Romance Writers of America National, is the Greater Seattle Chapter's Emerald City Conference, one of the biggest--if not the biggest--romance writers conference on the West Coast.

The Pollyanna Files - my blog of unrelenting sweetness and light. Go there if you want to find out what I might be reflecting on (usually spinning, knitting, and what restaurants and foods I have discovered). You'll also find a kinda-sorta travelogue of my adventures in the tri-border area of Germany. Naturally, I took pictures.

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And then there's Etsy. Lovely, lovely Etsy, where everything there is hand made. Including my handspun yarn.