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"Laura Resnick's witty comments on the struggles a writer faces in today's world of publishing are refreshingly insightful. A welcome voice in an often solitary profession."

—Jean Auel, author of Clan of the Cave Bear

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be writers....


RRR cover

Rejection, Romance, & Royalties

The Wacky World of a Working Writer
Jefferson Press, June 2007

Now available as an e-book at:

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* iBooks
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* Kobo
* Diesel

A collection of Laura's columns and essays on writing, the writing life, and dealing with the publishing world.

The real life adventures of a novelist staying sane despite what her profession inflicts on her! She lived to tell the tale!

Thrills! Passion! Humor! Heartache! Headaches! Backaches!

Read some excerpts!

"The best book on the writing life since Bird By Bird or The Artist's Way.  The incisive and insightful Laura Resnick cuts right to the heart of the joys, sorrows, costs, and rewards of pursuing the creative dream." 

                                                                              —Teresa Medeiros
                                                                              New York Times bestselling author

"From the role talent, passion, and luck play in a writer's life to dealing with difficult editors and publishers, Resnick doesn't pull any punches, but her hard-won, practical advice will inspire both aspiring and published writers as it helps them navigate the always choppy waters of the publishing world."




Laura currently writes a monthly opinion, "The Mad Scribbler," for Nink, the monthly journal of Novelists, Inc., an international organization of professional novelists. For a free downloadable sample copy of Nink, including Laura's column, go to the home page of Ninc.com.





Laura also writes a short monthly column for the e-newsletter of Backlist eBooks, a cooperative of published authors who are epublishing their older books. The newsletter is free and you can sign up for it at BeB's website.

More Books


Star Wars On Trial:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Debate the Most Popular Science Fiction Films of All Time

ed. David Brin & Matthrew Woodring Stover
ISBN: 193210089X
BenBella Books, June 2006

Laura's essay
Are brain-dead chimpanzees eating my shelf space?

Buy it online!



P&P Cover



Flirting with Pride & Prejudice
Fresh Perspectives on the Original
Chick-Lit Masterpiece

ed. Jennifer Crusie & Glenn Yeffeth
ISBN: 1932100725
BenBella Books, September 2005

Laura's essay
Bride and Prejudice


Charmed cover


Totally Charmed
Demons, Whitelighters and the
Power of Three

ed. Jennifer Crusie
ISBN: 1932100601
BenBella Books, November 2005

Laura's essay
The Charm of Charmed

Buy it online!


Angel cover


Five Seasons of Angel
Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Discuss Their Favorite Vampire

ed. Glenn Yeffeth
ISBN: 1932100334
BenBella Books, October 2004

Laura's essay
That Angel Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Buy it online!


Buffy cover


Seven Seasons of Buffy
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show

ed. Glenn Yeffeth
ISBN: 1932100083
BenBella Books, October 2003

Laura's essay
The Good, the Bad, and the Ambivalent

Buy it online!


Nifty Cover


I Have This Nifty Idea...
Now What Do I Do with It?

Writers Show You How They Sold Their Books From Outlines

ed. Mike Resnick
ISBN: 1587154811
Wildside Press, August 2001

Laura's contribution
The book proposal for In Legend Born

Buy it online!

South Af Cov


The Reader's Companion to South Africa

ed. Alan Ryan
ISBN: 0156005581
Harcourt Brace & Co, August 1999

Laura's article
Cape Town Townships



Blonde cover


A Blonde In Africa
Laura's 8-month journey across
the continent

Read the excerpts

Ebook edition coming soon


Book GraphicRead A Sample Article or Column

The Filthy Pro
(Column, 2001-2003, in the SFWA Bulletin, the national quarterly magazine of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America)

        Ghetto to Ghetto


The Romance Writer's Report
(Occasional contributor; the RWR is the national monthly magazine of the Romance Writers of America)

        Agents, Part I: The Money

        Agents, Part II: Necessity or Luxury

        Agents, Part III: Finding Mr./Ms. Right

        Agents, Addendum: 2007

To learn more about how a book gets a cover, and how an author can try to influence the process, try the 5-part series I wrote for Nink a few years back, "A Book By Its Cover."