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Books, Books and more Books by MARGARET BROWNLEY

Nominated for Romantic Times career achievement award

Coming October ‘98

BODY LANGUAGE (Harlequin Temptation 1-800-Hero series)

It was hard to know what Rick feared most: the mad bomber or the blue-eyed beauty claiming to be his bodyguard!

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No one can pedal a bicycle around turn of the century New York without a license, so Amanda Blackwell’s cycling school is all the rage. The innovative establishment provides an income for the independent miss and her little brother, Donny, a special child.

But everything goes to Hades in a handbasket the day Damian Newcastle rides into her life...

Architect Damian Newcastle has a dream--to build the highest skyscraper in New York, redeem his family’s honor, and give his wheelchair-bound son a view of the entire city. He just needs the land occupied by Amanda’s cycling school to do it. But the building collapse that ruined his father’s company caused Amanda’s father’s death. He and Amanda are supposed to be enemies, but they’re both head over handlebars on a bumpy road to love...

Margaret had a great time whipping up old cosmetic recipes to research this book. She discovered there’s a reason women in the 1800’s looked so pinch-faced.


A real lady isn’t supposed to throw a knife, swear like a sailor, or come to Colorado alone.

Margaret was working on this one during the great Northridge earthquake. Her house in shambles, she kept on working:


Kate Whittaker will never find a husband as long as she keeps shocking the town with her newfangled inventions.

If you liked PETTICOATS AND PISTOLS, you’ll want to catch up on all the shannigans of the Hogshead crowd. The following book was written because readers demanded to know what happened to Jimmy (they still want to know what happened to Jimmy)


A man would rather take his chances with a husband-hunting spinster than a woman driver .

Margaret received boxes of perfume from the Wind Song perfume company when this book came out. Margaret’s husband keeps begging her to write a book called ROLLS ROYCE.


After finding the town burned to the ground, schoolmarm Maddie Percy turns a tribe of fierce Cheyenne into adoring schoolboys.


Logan knew his town was no place for a woman--especially one who scrubs his buckskins, interferes with his poker game and hangs curtains in the saloon!


Maggie Taylor was the soul of respectability until she finds herself in a mock marriage with the notorious Kissing Bandit.


Margaret loves to write them and readers love to read them!

"Winning Ticket" in A MESSAGE FROM CUPID

The next two anthologies helped Margaret figure out a legitimate tax write-off for chocolate.

"Rocky Road" in CHOCOLATE KISSES and "Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut" in


"Something Old, Something New" in FLOWER GIRL (A Doubleday bookclub selection).

"Check-Out Time" in HONEYMOON SUITE

These Harlequin Superromances were written as Megan Brownley: WHISPERS IN THE WIND, CRY OF THE SEAGULL, and SILENT WALKS THE MOON .

NAPA (Lynx historical), written as Kate Damon

For a list of Margarets Unpublished works, please send a SASE to

P.O. Box 4528, Simi Valley, CA 93093-4528

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  • Do not disturb the other passengers by laughing or weeping out loud.
  • Never applaud while reading love scenes.
  • Refrain from making verbal comparisons between male passengers and the hero in the book. You’ll only make passengers feel inferior.
  • Provocative book covers must be kept hidden beneath a plain buckskin wrapper.
  • If you must show disapproval, spit only on the leeward side of the coach.
  • In the event of a robbery, do not insist upon finishing the chapter before raising your hands over your head.
  • Don’t ask the driver to guard your book while you sleep.
  • In the event of a runaway train or stage, avoid such comments as "Here comes the good part."
  • It’s best not to read by the window during an Indian attack.
  • Revealing the end of a book to the other passengers is cause for punishment.