Secrets of Seduction
How to be the best lover your woman ever had

Henry Miller was in love with this woman, and now we know why.

Brenda Venus was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. As a very young woman, she met the famous writer Henry Miller and for years maintained a personal relationship. In 1986, she published Dear, Dear Brenda, a collection of many of the more than 4,000 letters Henry Miller had written to her. She also was good friends and corresponded with literary figures Lawrence Durrell and Christopher Isherwood. She has lectured extensively and has had her own radio show. The author of Secrets of Seduction , she currently lives in Beverly Hills.

"An authentic, authoritative manual that covers all the bases, and takes you from flirtation to foreplay to the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy." - The New York Times

Secrets of Seduction

In this sizzlingly intimate guide, Brenda Venus—love goddess extraordinaire—tells you how to become the lover every woman dreams about. Culled from intimate conversations with over 1,500 women throughout the world, as well as from Brenda's own experience, this uninhibited work will turn you on to romantic gambits that never fail. You'll discover how to unlock a woman's mysteries, interpret her body language, and sense her every desire.

The Venus Butterfly She'll let you in on advanced sexual techniques like the Venus Butterfly. A sure fire way to supercharge any relationship, Secrets of Seduction is the only aphrodisiac you'll ever need.

Secrets from some of the most beautiful women in the world, on how to win and keep their hearts forever!

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