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Ever wonder how safe the internet really is?

How secure are those bank transactions?

Who's reading your email?

Is Big Brother (and all of his friends) looking over your shoulder?

Does everyone in the world know your credit card numbers?

Think you're the only one who knows what pages you visited before this one?

We guarantee that, after reading this novel, you'll sew your life savings into your mattress.

THE TERMINATION NODE (Random House/Del Rey, January 1999, hardcover) is the first in a series of ground-breaking high-tech thrillers that Bob and Lois are writing together. Watch for from Random House/Del Rey soon.

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THE COMPUTERS OF STAR TREK (Basic Books, May 1999, hardcover). Written with coauthor Lois Gresh, this book explains everything you've always wanted to know about Data, the Borg, the holodecks, the possibility of space war. THE COMPUTERS OF STAR TREK has already sold foreign rights to Britain and Italy.

Bob and Lois will be hosting a Technothriller Writing Contest for USA Today , scheduled for October 1998. Anytime during October, stop by and enter the contest!



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Robert Weinberg is a world authority on classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror. He's a rare art and book dealer and collector. The author of 16 books, he's also edited more than 120 anthologies. He's the two-time Vice President of the Horror Writers Association, and has won the World Fantasy Award twice.

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