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Then again...

Since I'm updating my various personal webpages (scattered across the net), I suppose in updating this one I should perhaps give a hint to visitors (if any) as to how all this relates to SF......

Many years ago, when "S*** T***" was new and computers were the size of small-to-moderate buildings --- no, that's not it, try again.

Some decades back, I became interested in, or perhaps it's more accurate to say aware of, "science fiction" because of an episode on the (original) "Twilight Zone." The one where an airliner slips out of time, and the passengers and crew look out to find dinosaurs looking back. For me, that episode sparked not only "what if?" but "how might that happen?" -- the grounding of fantasy in the real world.

The real world had its fantastic elements. Atomic bombs were new, John Glenn hadn't yet gone into space (even once), and putting a man on the moon was thought to be at least 50 years off. Polio vaccines were the latest miracle.

(I find it unbelieveable and unconscionable that there are parents today who do not get their children vaccinated. Polio, diptheria, and the other great killer-crippler diseases are NOT gone, they are only held at bay. Scrape up the money, contact your local health department for info on free or low-cost immunizations, put aside your paranoia, and get your kids ALL their shots! The saddest phrase in any language is "if only...")



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