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I live in Utah, in one of a long line of 
cities situated along the base of the
Wasatch Mountains.  To the right, you
can see an an artist's depiction of Mount
Timpanogos *, the defining  peak of the
Wasatch Front in the Provo-Orem area.
I look out on Timpanogos from my office
window, and I walk my dog, Tiyo in the
foothills beneath it almost daily.  

susan j. kroupa
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I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, but I've also worked as a 
music reviewer and feature writer.   My fiction publication credits include 
Realms of Fantasy
Bruce Coville's Shapeshifters, Bones of the World,  and 
Writers of the Future  among others, and I have a new story in the sff.net 
Beyond the Last Star.

Much of the background  in my fiction comes from the years I spent on the 
Navajo and Hopi reservations.  Priest Killer
,**  my first novel, is set in the 
Hopi village of Oraibi in 1680, the year all the Pueblo Indians, including the 
Hopi, rose up and overthrew their Spanish conquerors in a bloody revolt. 

*Read an excerpt from Priest Killer. 


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*Picture of Mt. Timpanogos courtesy of Birdie Boorman's Repartee Gallery




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