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"The Guild of Xenolinguist", Golden Gryphon Press, September 2007
The story "Reading the Bones" is the 1998 Nebula novella award winner. An expanded version was published in 2003 by Tachyon Press. Read an excerpt from "Reading the Bones".
Birds has been called "an insightful look at the reality experience of going inot space, an adventure gritty and wondrous." Birds is available from Wildside Press.
A Novel of Alien Contact

The crew of the Ann Bonny has no reason to suspect danger from the gentle natives of the planet they call Chameleon - except for the orbiting wreckage of the last ship to visit. Their purpose: declare the natives non-sentient and open Chameleon for exploitation. The only one who can stop them is novice xenolinguist Gia Kennedy, who suspects these aliens are more than they seem. And her only ally is the crew's one man, the disturbing and frightening artist, Zion Marit.
Tiger in the Sky, is a young adult novel and has its own page here. I have first edition, unread copies of Tiger in the Sky for sale.

First edition, unread copies of Shaper's Exile Trilogy and Tiger In The Sky are available for sale. E-mail me for information. You can find a selection of my short fiction lingster storeis, alternate history and fantasy at Fictionwise.
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