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“Witcover’s fiction has been ‘fearless in its refusal to remain locked inside the borders of genre….’” 
           -- Locus Magazine.  Read the review.

“With his first story collection, he scores another success by displaying a gift for blending a richly imaginative amalgam of horror, fantasy, and sf. “
           -- Booklist.  Read the review.

The final story in Everland is the Nebula-award nominated "Left of the Dial."  You can read it at

You can buy Everland from  Check out my podcast interview I did recently with fellow writer Jon Armstrong for his blog, "If You're Just Joining Us."  

My book reviews appear in every printed issue of Realms of Fantasy magazine and Locus magazine.  I'm also the author of Asylum, Tumbling After, Waking Beauty, and a biography of  Zora Neale Hurston.  You can order these books from!

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Asylum is an "official" semi-sequel to director Tod Browning's Dracula, starring the incomparable Bela Lugosi. The novel takes place in the waning months of World War I in Carfax War Hospital--formerly Seward Sanitorium. Among the soldiers being treated there for shell shock is an amnesiac who believes himself to be . . . Sherlock Holmes. When a bomb from a German air raid on London goes awry, striking the dilapidated abbey adjoining the hospital, an ancient evil is awakened--and I don't mean Professor Moriarty

Tumbling After Cover                                    Tumbling After Title
Tumbling After is a novel about growing up, about playing games, about what is and isn't real. It's a novel of sexual awakening and magical transformation.

Kirkus called it "Superbly imagined . . . Shows the intricate brilliance of the early Samuel Delany . . . A nursery rhyme is recast as an intensely imagined nightmare of a tormented adolescent's fear of the adult world."

And Publishers Weekly said "the increasingly disquieting parallel stories amount to an audacious toss of some complex dice, but the result is a winning, entertaining cross-genre roll."

Read an excerpt from the first chapter. Here's a bit from the Player's Guide to Mutes & Norms.  And here is what The Washington Post  is saying about Tumbling After.

Waking Beauty Title

Waking Beauty Cover


 If you're a fan of science fiction or fantasy, check out my novel, Waking Beauty, published in hardcover by HarperPrism.  I guarantee it's like nothing you've read before.  Publisher's Weekly praised it as "a striking first novel, a find for those who want more than the same old fantasy worlds and comfortable adventures."  Click here to read a scene from the first chapter and here to read another scene that didn't make the final cut but deserves to see print in some form!

 Anima Title

Like comics?  My sometime writing partner Elizabeth Hand and I created and wrote the gonzo-feminist comic Anima for DC Comics a while back, ripping off everyone from Carl Jung to Kurt Cobain in the process.  It was a wild ride while it lasted!  Still available at your local comic shop, they're bound to be worth something one of these days!  Click on the images below to check out some covers and pages! For those of you recently emerged from cryogenic suspension, Liz is the author of Winterlong, Waking the Moon, Glimmering, and the Nebula-award-winning short-story "Last Summer at Mars Hill."

Anima 1   Anima 6   Anima 6, page 11   Anima 9   Anima 0

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