Welcome to Tracey S. Rosenberg's rather minimal web page. The glitz is absent, but the commas are free.

New stuff, July 2009: Ken Macleod just accepted two of my short pieces ('Photophobia' and 'Southbound from Park Street') for his Human Genre Project. Chromosomes 11 and 14, to be precise.

I exist in this webspace thanks to the extremely generous people at sff.net who let me have a free account because I occasionally publish things. If I ever make any money from these publications, I will give them some. (I'll also buy Sweet Tarts and catnip mice.)

I have a shiny blog over at Wordpress, Writing (mostly), where I talk about stuff. Usually, writing. Occasionally, my cat's fascination with the printer, kitty treats, fuzz, etc. I also twitter.

My sf short story 'Pretty Boy' was published in a Leaf Books anthology. You could purchase it from them. I could then send you a signed bookplate, but you would have to wait until I bought a bookplate. I promise I would send it to you, though.

Leaf Books also published a poetry anthology which includes my pantoum 'Rats' which was inspired by a Call of Cthulhu character. (Thankfully, you probably can't tell that unless I mention it.)

If for any reason you want to e-mail me, I would be glad to hear from you, assuming you aren't trying to spam me, sue me, or sell me anything. My e-mail address is my user name (tsr) at sffdotnet.

This page last updated July 13, 2009.

Thanks for reading.