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Valerie Taylor

1998 HOLT Medallion Winner, Short Contemporary
1997 Notable New Author
"Valerie Taylor has the rare and enviable ability to make you laugh out loud while she touches your heart. She's the brightest new star on the romance horizon, and I wouldn't miss one of her books for anything!"
"Delightfully entertaining in its scope, The Mommy School hits a chord familiar to women who know baptism by fire into motherhood isn't nearly as great as it's cracked up to be...Taylor's players ring true to the core: i.e., Coulter is blessedly male, complete with that infuriating 'we're doing it my way' attitude...Solid writing, characters who show their personality, and a delightful ability to spin a story!"
"I can't recall the last time I encountered such realistic, yet enjoyable, kids in a novel. Any novel. These girls cry, shout, giggle, whine, get into various scrapes, and still manage to be completely loveable. Their characterizations were top-notch...Contemporary category romance has much to look forward to in the future offerings by Val Taylor. The kids alone are worth the price of The Mommy School."
            "One fast and funny book. 4 1/2 Bells!!"
"The Mommy School is a light-hearted gender-bender romp that is the ideal reading experience to lighten up a day filled with dreary April showers. The lead characters are interesting as individuals and fascinating as a couple. The mischievous trio behaving as curious children often do make this a Valerie Taylor-made novel for the young at heart. A winner, by a writer whose star is on the rise."
"In Valerie Taylor's first release, The Mommy School, you'll find love, laughter, and the age-old struggle for balance. From the start to the finish, I had a smile on my face. A feel-good book."

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The Mommy School
Harlequin American Romance #676
ISBN# 0-373-16676-1

He was the perfect mom!

Janet Resnick can juggle an appointment book with the best of Wall Street, but two days caring for her sister's three kids stops her cold. They've already eaten her out of house and home--including Vaseline, houseplants, and ballpoint pen ink. And now Janet has run out of staples for closing diapers and is on a first-name basis with the folks at Poison Control. There's only one thing to do: call Mom. Or rather, The Mommy School.

But then "Mom" turns out to be a hunky guy in jeans, with a seen-it-all smile and a know-it-all attitude...

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Missed The Mommy School?  Unfortunately, it's out of print now.  You can try finding it at your local used bookstore, or visit D's Book Service. Also, it's possible Amazon can find it for you through their hard-to-find book service.

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