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Like the moon, this place is in a constant state of flux... Glance in here from time to time for the latest mutation!

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I've decided that everyone's PERSONALITY has a metaphorical SHAPE. Your shape icon is based on your emotional and intellectual inclinations, your temperament and energy level, your pattern of life experience, and the strength of your desires. For example, some personalities can be described as driven, strongly motivated and focused. They might suggest a moving vector, an arrow. Other people who are less focused may suggest a softly fluctuating sphere or the proverbial blob. Others might be full of varied energy, like sunbursts, with many rays projecting outward to indicate inclinations. You may see yourself (or be perceived by others) as a flower, a rock crystal, a blazing comet, a spiral, a wacky beanie hat, or any other combination of iconic images that somehow bears an intimate relation to who you are. When figuring out your shape, don't forget to assign it some kind of movement!

Of course, this is all very subjective. Besides, your shape today may no longer reflect the shape of you yesterday, or the shape that will best represent you tomorrow. However, assigning yourself a metaphoric shape may be a good way of understanding what you are and where you're heading.

After some consideration, I've decided that my own shape is that of the Compass Rose, for at this point in my life I am being pulled in four distinct directions.

And so, here it is, my very own COMPASS ROSE. Click on the Writing, Art, Music, Computers, arrows to find out about my directions. Click on the heart of the Rose to find out about my self.

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