Don Wismer

author of
Lion in the Sky (in negotiation)
A Roil of Stars (Baen, 1991)
Planet of the Dead (Baen, 1988)
Warrior Planet (Baen, 1987)
Starluck (Doubleday/Dell, 1982, 1986)
The Islamic J*sus (Garland, 1977)
one science fiction novelette,
which was on the Nebula Award preliminary ballot,
"Safe Harbor" in Strange Maine (Lance Tapley, 1986)
and Tin Stars (Signet/New Americal Library, 1986)
one science fiction short story,
"Safe Refuge" in 101 Science Fiction Stories
(Avenel Books, 1986)
hundreds of audiobook reviews
in Audiofile and Library Journal
dozens of articles in library periodicals
mostly in the 1980s
a few book reviews here and there
video reviews in the deceased
Video Rating Guide for Libraries


These were taken in 1999 when I earned my first black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I haven't changed much since -- beard is somewhat grayer, I suppose. I'm still active in karate -- I'm san-dan (third degree) now.